About Us

Founded in 2019, we are interior design junkies with a passion for fitness and all personal development. 

Motus is latin for "motivation" which is our goal of every piece: to provide a unique decoration for your space that also serves as a positive reminder to kick ass.

Motus Steel began as an answer to a need. After purchasing my first house I perused the internet and my local decor shops for accent pieces that would compliment my fitness obsessed lifestyle.Although I appreciate the occasional reminder to live, laugh, love, I was frustrated with the current options that mostly bordered on cliche and lacked creativity in their underlying message.

Where were the pieces telling me to go destroy my workout? I don't need a sign on the wall reminding me to do laundry or drink more wine. I want my house to emulate my inner drive for continual self improvement and a love for pushing myself physically. 

I quickly realized there was a lack of options for those of us into fitness and weight lifting. This company was formed thereafter, in a desire to fill this void I had discovered and hopefully decorate my house.